Episode 192: Characteristics of Functional Families (All Happy Families)

In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Jackie Pack talks about the common characteristics of functional families. She also talks about dysfunctional families and how that can occur. In Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina, there is the famous line: “Happy Families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” What does this mean? And how can we learn to be happy, be relational, and have connection and vulnerability in our relationships? 

TRANSCRIPT: Characteristics of Functional Families (All Happy Families)

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. So for those of you who listened to my last episode, I wanted to just give you an update. So since my last episode dropped, we’ve had the Vice Presidential debate, and then right before I got on to record this episode, I watched my brother’s debate with his opponent on the local news stations, and I have to report that I’m doing better with the Vice Presidential debate and then with my brother’s debate tonight than I did with the first presidential debate, which kind of just like took me out for the better part of a day I would say, like that evening and even into the next day. So with the election upon us, less than a month away actually, I’m having to practice a lot of self-care. I’m having to do what I can to preserve my mental and emotional health, and I encourage all of you to do the same thing.