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Healing Paths, Inc. started in Bountiful, Utah as a clinic serving Davis County, Utah. We specialize in the treatment of behavioral addictions, like sex or gambling addiction. We treat any type of compulsive behavior, including drug treatment or therapy for pornography addiction. 

We are expanding our practicing offering online therapy to anyone in the state of Utah, from the convenience of your home, giving you access to our outstanding team of addiction experts, and the therapy groups they lead, in whatever community you live.

Marriage and Family Treatment

We also help family members of those fighting addiction, with the associated betrayal, trauma, and relationship challenges. We also have outstanding therapists who are extremely talented at helping couples communicate in a way that builds a meaningful marriage.

EMDR and Neurofeedback in Utah

Two important tools used by our therapists are EMDR and Neurofeedback, cutting edge techniques for treating trauma. They are neither invasive or uncomfortable, and can bring a lot of peace to people who’ve fought addiction in the past without success.

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Mental Health Services Offered at Our Utah Clinic

Did You Know We have a Podcast? 

It’s a wonderful way in which we help educate the Utah community about mental health issues and services available to them at our clinic.

We discuss various issues related to behavioral addiction, relationships, and recovery from serious trauma.

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