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Yes. We can help you recover from betrayal trauma using a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Meet privately with a licensed therapist to discuss your mental health. You can also join a therapy group designed for people like you with your needs, with a group of people from all over the country, all from the convenience of your home. 

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Sexual Betrayal Causes Trauma, Requiring Therapy from a Utah Therapist for Recovery

So, you’ve discovered your partner has been keeping secrets about sex. This probably feels like like TOO MUCH!

Now What?

Sexual Betrayal Causes Trauma, Requiring Therapy from a Utah Therapist for RecoveryIt’s devastating to discover that your partner is a sex addict. You’re experiencing what modern-day therapists call “betrayal trauma.” You are in pain and need guidance.

You may have suspected for a long time that your partner’s problem was more significant than you thought. Now that you know, your world is upside down, and it’s challenging to know what to do next. More than anything the entire process sounds too messy.

Questions probably bombard your mind:

  • “Is sex/pornography a real addiction?”
  • “I am so confused; I have to know everything that happened. Who is this person I’m with?”
  • “I am so hurt, I don’t want to know anything. Should I want to know?”
  • “Is this going to get better, or am I stuck?”
  • “What am I supposed to do now?”
  • “Am I to blame?”

You surely want help. But are you wondering what type of therapy is best for this type of trauma?

Feeling Lost

It’s common when someone finds out about their partner’s sexual betrayal or pornography addiction, to feel lost or deeply discouraged. Swings in mood are normal. One minute you are angry and ready to leave, and the next minute you feel hopeless and sad at the prospect of losing your relationship. 

Before the discovery of addiction, many partners of addicts describe feeling that something was off and not adding up. They also may have felt like they were causing the problem. Maybe you tried being more kind, understanding, sexually exciting, or interested in sexual moments as a way of fixing what you thought was wrong. Yet, nothing seemed to solve the underlying problem.

No matter how you found out about your loved one’s secret sexual life, the most significant pain comes from the dishonesty and betrayal. You now realize there may have been years of hiding, lies, and coverups. It’s normal to feel like the reality you knew has collapsed.

You’re suffering from betrayal trauma, which is a real and particular type of mental health injury.

Learn About EMDR Therapy For TraumaA Partner of a Sex Addict Tells Their Story Finding Help 

One of the clients we have worked with described it this way after discovering a spouse’s sexual addiction:

“You could take me outside and tell me the sky was orange and I wouldn’t know if that was true or not.  I don’t know what is real and what isn’t anymore.”

The Isolation of Knowing the Truth

Finding out about secret sexual problems or infidelity can rip the rug out from under you. It’s normal to feel alone, full of shame or anger, and completely confused about what to do next. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is to be entirely focused on your spouse and getting them the help that they need, instead of treating your trauma. Don’t underestimate just how powerful betrayal can affect your life. Particular challenges come to trauma survivors here in Utah.

Partners of addicts can feel forgotten in the healing process. There are therapy groups, books, and help in abundance for someone addicted to sex–but finding support for partners of addicts can be harder than you think.

Trained and Licensed to Treat Addiction and Trauma

We understand and offer support services to betrayed partners of addicts. We have a team of CSATs (Certified Sex Addiction Therapists), trained and licensed by IITAP, the pioneers in sex addiction research and trauma recovery. We have worked with clients struggling with multiple addictions and their family members who have been affected. No situation is too serious or difficult for the highly trained and experienced addiction specialists who are trained to work with you.

Sexual Intimacy

We regularly work with clients struggling with behavioral addictions. Often, at the root of these addictions are difficulties with sexual intimacy.

Healing from deep trauma and sexual wounds usually involves both the person afflicted with addiction and their partner.  Couples counseling is an essential part of the healing process. Our team of licensed therapists will help your family through the rough first stages of this journey.

We will help you to understand the traumatic impact that discovering sexual betrayal has on you. You’ve probably heard of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It’s common knowledge that victims of rape and soldiers returning from war zones can experience PTSD. But it might surprise you that partners who’ve been betrayed by their spouses can also experience measurable trauma to the point where a licensed therapist can diagnose them with the same disorder with the same disturbing symptoms.

We Train our Therapists in Two Methods of Couples Counseling

There are two prominent methods of marriage and relationship counseling in the therapy industry: The Gottman Method and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Often clinics will specialize in one modality or the other. It isn’t that one method is superior to the other. Both techniques work well together and complement one another. Because Healing Paths, Inc. specializes in addiction and this can often result in works with couples in deep levels of crisis, trauma, and conflict, we have found it useful to train our team of therapists in both methods.

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Don’t Wait. Betrayal Trauma is Damaging

Don't Wait. Betrayal Trauma is DamagingDon’t just sit tight and hope for things to get better. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it get better. Reclaim your life now!

Therapy in Utah is Available

We provide a safe place where you can respond to the crisis of discovery and emotional aftershock. No problems are too big to overcome. We are not afraid of the messiness of these discussions about your family. We want to listen to your story, hear what you have to say, and help you validate your point of view.

You will soon find your voice. You will discover enormous power through the process we provide. You will be able to address your feelings honestly, no longer as a victim, but as someone with real stakes in your relationship, responding to these challenges clearly and effectively

You can reclaim yourself and your relationships from sex addiction.

Utah Therapy Clinic

We have therapy offices here in Utah, in Salt Lake City, and Bountiful where we can see you in person. We also provide online therapy to anyone in the state. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to sit down with you for a first visit and assess your situation. An experienced sex addiction therapist will very carefully talk with you in your first appointment and help you determine the right course of action.

If you’re struggling with betrayal trauma of any type, it would be smart for you to speak with someone with our expertise in sex addiction. We’ll let you know what works best in your situation. We know you’ll feel better after that first visit, getting answers to your questions, and starting on that journey of finding solutions. There is hope.