Kaylie Snider - Intern

Kaylie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work through Weber State University and is currently obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Work through Our Lady of the Lake University.

Kaylie is currently our MSW intern and has 4 years of experience working with addiction and mental health. Kaylie is passionate about creating safe spaces for the clients she works with. She believes in her clients’ autonomy and that everyone has the tools for resiliency as they tap into their own power through mindfulness and connection with their intuition.

Kaylie loves reading and believes we are strongest when we are coming from a place of curiosity and learning. She is passionate about the work we do at Healing Paths and has been a strong addition to our team.

Kaylie’s hobbies include Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. She enjoys spending time with her family and loves to bake.

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