Episode 200: A Year of Growth: The 12 Steps | Principles for Recovery

We introduce a new multi-part series focused on working “The 12 steps” or Principles of Recovery as introduced by Dr. Patrick Carnes. He created IITAP, the the nationwide network of CSATs who give us accreditation and training as sex therapists, while helping us know how to help our clients recover from emotional trauma.

These “12 principles” Dr. Carnes teaches are connected to the steps commonly used by Alcoholics Anonymous. They prompt important questions for those of us recovering in our mental health to consider in our lives. Of course, these questions cannot be answered by asking a wise old sage, or an oracle, or even a sponsor. The answers are revealed to us as we live each day, work the steps and live the principles the best we can.

TRANSCRIPT: A Year of Growth: The 12 Steps | Principles for Recovery

Today's episode I'm going to be introducing a series I'm going to be focused on here in our addiction and recovery podcast in the next few episodes. I'm anticipating a long series. There's going to be twelve or more episodes because there's twelve topics. I'm not promising they're going to be consecutive because I do have some guests that I'm working on dates lining up. Some of those may jump the line a little bit or at least be in the middle of these tweleve episodes in this series.