Getting Help is an Important First Step

Sexually addictive behavior makes you feel worthless.

  • Every day looks and feels the same:
  • “Am I going to relapse?”
  • “When is this all going to catch up to me?”

“Can I even change, is it even possible?”

When you look at your life, on the surface, it’s great. But no one sees what is really happening, the secrets, lies, betrayal, and deep unhappiness. And you certainly can’t talk about it.

“We’ve tried so many things to put these sexual problems behind us. Nothing worked.”

Sound familiar? Give us a call. We know how to help.

At Healing Paths, we believe in healing where there has been damage, health where there has been emotional pain, and growth where there have been deep wounds. We take a comprehensive approach to helping individuals and couples dealing with sexual or pornography addiction. We are known for adding the pieces to healing that have been missing. We do our best work when we are helping addicts and their spouses to recover their hope.

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Read below to learn more about the ways we can help you.

The Healing Paths Team

Jackie Pack Therapist

Jackie Pack

Ethan Maryon Therapist

Ethan Maryon

Jonathan Taylor Therapist

Jon Taylor

Rachel Allen Therapist

Rachel Allen

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