Episode 204: The 12 Steps: Principles of Recovery | Responsibility

Whether you are in therapy for addiction or improving your mental health, developing a sense of responsibility plays an important role. Jackie Pack continues her series on the 12 principles taught by Dr. Patrick Carnes, or as many commonly refer to it, the 12 steps of recovery.

In our individual personal healing journey, we stop hiding from ourselves. We understand the importance of examining our life, and we accept responsibility for everything in it. We realize that a deeply painful or trauma-filled past does not let us off the hook. Nothing lets us off the hook. We are always responsible for what we do, and we decide the impact it will have on us.

TRANSCRIPT: The 12 Steps: Principles of Recovery | Responsibility

Hello, friends. Welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. Today’s episode is our fourth episode in our 12-part series, so this episode focuses on the fourth principle, which is responsibility. Dr. Carnes wrote in his book: