Healing from Sex Addiction Requires an Empathetic Ear

Sexual addiction comes with a lot of stigmas, especially here in Utah. You may need help but it can be very hard to admit it. Turning to family may be an important part of the process, but they often feel a lot of pain from your actions. You need a sex addiction therapist who will listen without judgment and offer a lot of empathy and understanding.

Healing Paths, Inc., in Bountiful is one of the best therapy clinics in Utah that specializes in treating sex addiction. This problem is widely recognized in the mental health community as a legitimate addiction. If you are suffering with a compulsive sexual behavior disorder, you need the help of a specially trained and licensed expert therapist. 

Don’t succumb to the social pressure of feeling shame and embarrassment about behavior that feels like it’s controlling your life. Compulsive sexual activity, addiction to pornography, or engaging with prostitution requires professional guidance. When you work with one of our therapists you’ll find practical solutions, with the accompanying healing, recovery, and newfound relationship satisfaction.

Are You Trapped?

Some people find themselves ensnared in cycles where they are having mind-blowing, intense sexual experiences followed by deep emptiness, sadness, and shame.

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Sometimes, the people you’re having sex with aren’t attractive or exciting to you, but you still find yourself doing it again–reliving the cycle that seems never to end.

Signs You May Have an Addiction to Sex

When you can’t stop:

  • Paying for sex
  • Engaging in high-risk sexual behavior with high-risk people
  • Cybersex
  • Cheating on your partner or moving from one relationship to another

Despite experiencing negative consequences and significant disruptions to your life or wellbeing, you may be addicted to sex.

Addiction Thrives in Secret

It is not uncommon to have a lot of secrets related to sex when you are addicted to it. You may spend a lot of money in the pursuit of a sexual partner. STDs and other health problems can result. Your sexual behavior can feel out of control. You may have lovers in other cities, as well as children from those encounters, which you’re attempting to keep secret.

Sex and the pursuit of it have taken over your life. It has become an addiction. Finding therapy close to home, here at a Utah clinic that specializes in this type of challenging situation is the only solution.

Are You Married to a Sex Addict?

The pain associated with being married to someone with a behavior addiction can be overwhelming and puts enormous stress on the relationship and all family members. 

At Healing Paths, we also offer help for spouses of sex addicts. LEARN MORE

You can’t tell from the outside that a person is addicted to sex. Many of the addicts we work with are very successful people, highly accomplished, and well-liked in their community. To that person, it doesn’t matter how successful they are or what they’ve accomplished–they are deeply unhappy and don’t know how to change their behavior.

People struggling with sex addiction may be married and have what looks like impressive families, but they are holding onto troubling secrets. No amount of personal will-power can stop the urge to act out without proper therapy. Many sex addicts find it easier to sleep with strangers than to be fully understood by the people they care about the most and who want to be connected with them. There is a fundamental problem making intimate connections, and unless the source of the problem is treated, it will not go away with the strength of will.

Start Living Honestly with Sex Addiction through our Therapy Clinic in Utah

Start Living Honestly with Sex Addiction through our Therapy Clinic in Utah

When you are addicted to sex, being entirely honest or accepted by someone else doesn’t feel like a possibility. People may like you a lot in social situations–you are the life of the party! But you’re often lonely, isolated, and consumed with the fear that you will end up completely alone and unhappy. Nobody gets to fully know who you are because you have to keep your out-of-control-behavior a secret.

You worry about being rejected if people really know who you are. Even platonic relationships can be a struggle; you might have experienced a lifetime of disappointment in your close relationships.

At Healing Paths in Utah we’ve seen people who are addicted to sex come to get help under many different circumstances:

  • A spouse or partner may have just discovered yet another affair and is threatening to leave.
  • Sexual behavior may have escalated to include out-of-control drug use and other risky behavior.
  • The addicted individual may face the loss of a job due to inappropriate sexual relationships with coworkers or customers.
  • There may be pending criminal charges due to illegal sexual behavior.
  • You’re facing health problems related to a sexually transmitted disease, while still not being able to stop having risky sex.

Our patients who suffer from sexually addictive behavior are tired of running, tired of feeling worthless, tired of feeling their life is out of control, and tired of being unhappy. They’re ready to look at therapy. They’re tired of letting sex control their life.

Your Path to Healing from Sex Addiction in Utah

Your Path to Healing from Sex Addiction in Utah


When you reach out to Healing Paths for help with your mental health, you will find trained and competent therapists ready to assist you. We are trained by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, the gold standard for sex addiction therapy.

We have committed to understanding and treating a range of problematic sexual behavior. No two people are alike; behavioral addiction appears and impacts our patients’ lives in different ways. We will work to thoroughly understand your specific concerns and tailor treatment to provide the maximum results.

Other Services Needed?

Sex addiction is rarely a stand-alone issue. Our cross-specialty training will allow us to provide you with cutting-edge couples counseling and marriage therapy. Healing from betrayal trauma is a difficulty many families with sex addiction will face. It is a long journey we are prepared and trained to help you navigate.

Other substance abuse problems are also common with behavior addiction. Jackie Pack, the owner of Healing Path and supervisor of the therapy team, is a CMAT (Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist) by IITAP. This allows us to offer ongoing therapy services to clients after they’ve completed the first two phases of intensive drug treatment.

Treating Trauma

An underlying cause of addiction is emotional trauma. All of our Utah clinical therapists are trained in-house by IITAP-certified supervisor Jackie Pack. Your professional counselor will work to understand and evaluate the sexual behaviors that are bringing you grief and help you alleviate that pain. We have cutting-edge modalities for treating trauma, not often offered by many of standard therapy clinics in Utah.

If a client is struggling with severe PTSD symptoms we know how to gently restart the nervous system again, without re-traumatizing our clients, which can often occur. Many times you will hear about people not being able to tolerate talk therapy, or trying many counselors and nothing seems to work. They may need neurofeedback therapy or the very gentle use of a body-based treatment like lifespan integration. The client might need a more careful, well-trained use of EMDR, which although considered safe, can re-traumatize the client if it’s not carefully used by the therapist.

See all of the Mental Health Treatment Options Offered by Healing Paths in Utah

We will work early on in treatment to develop a healthy plan for you that goes beyond helping you finally end problematic behaviors you couldn’t stop in the past. We treat sexual sobriety as a level of mental health that is freeing. New levels of intimacy can be achieved. We help addicts, spouses, and any other family members who may have been affected by the addiction look beyond addiction, helping them build their lives in positive ways, with the types of friendships and relationships they want.

Contact us now for your FREE 30-minute phone consultation with one of our Bountiful, Utah-area Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT). Our treatment clinic may be the ideal location for receiving help. If not, we can also offer online therapy to anyone in the state.

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