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Group Therapy in Utah

It can be very challenging to find a useful therapy group here in Utah. Many people who are fighting addiction or the repercussions of trauma struggle to reenter society and create relationships. A healthy first step towards establishing relationships is to join a therapy group. At Healing Paths, Inc. in Utah, we offer outstanding group therapy counseling at both our Salt Lake City and Bountiful offices to help our clients move towards connection with others.

Two Different Types of Groups

Different types of groups are depicted on television and in movies, and it can be confusing to know how they usually work in the real world. If you’re new to recovery, it’s useful to understand the difference between a therapy group and a support group.

Therapy Groups

A certified therapist leads therapy groups. They usually specialize in the particular focus of the group. So, for example, we have sex addiction therapy groups that are run by CSATs (Certified Sex Addiction Therapists).

Do You Offer Online Group Meetings for Therapy?

Yes. We can support groups using a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform, which means you can join an online therapy group with people from all over the country in the convenience of your home. If you’re interested sign up here.

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Support Groups

Support groups are different from therapy groups in that those in recovery supervise them. Ideally, a good support group will have several members who have spent a long time in that type of support group. If it is an addiction recovery support group, there should be members who are sober. These more experienced members can act as leaders and sponsors.

12 Step programs are an excellent example of an addiction support group. We strongly encourage many of our clients to attend programs like these.

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Who Should Lead a Therapy Group?

Who Should Lead a Therapy GroupOur therapy groups are usually run by two counselors, often a man and woman. The mother/father dynamic can be healing, while also triggering, so therapists have to be careful and well trained.

Our therapists understand that interrelational problems are going to manifest themselves in the groups. Experienced therapists will understand how to discuss these types of issues when they arise, keeping group members safe while encouraging members to learn how to interrelate in a healthy way. Often members of group therapy will have to learn how to communicate in ways they’re unaccustomed to.

New patterns of communication will be established, requiring the therapist to act at times like a referee, keeping conversations fair, and productive. It’s essential to find a group organized by therapists you trust.

Who Can Attend a Therapy Group at Healing Paths, Inc.?

Our groups are by invitation only. We usually look at the types of people we’re seeing in individual therapy and arrange groups that will meet their needs.

Are you searching for help at a clinic near you in Utah? Are you considering starting therapy either in person, online, or with a therapy group? Have you yet to meet with one of our team members? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to talk with you about the type of groups we typically organize and find a place for you at Healing Paths, Inc. Call us today!