Rachel Allen, LCSW, CSAT

It is essential for us to understand that all of us grow and have different seasons and struggles. Sometimes we face discomfort from the environments we grow up in. Sometimes we can find ourselves reeling from traumatic events as adults. Occasionally we experience pain from small internal traumas, which can be as influential as dramatic distress.

Emotional Health

Whatever the trial, the emotional experience is just as vital as our intellectual, physical, professional, and personal accomplishments. We should treat our emotional health with the same level of investment in time and resources. I help individuals, couples, and families work through their conflicts, moving into a healthier place. We accomplish the goal through the work of building resiliency to environmental factors, creating a physically strong foundation, and healing the internal wounds of trauma.

Finding Rich Sources of Strength

I have experience walking my clients through the anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma to healing, as well as working with married couples to transform relationship wounds into meaningful, partnerships. I start working with people on simple but powerful ways of being understood. Finding empathy in our relationships makes our associations rich sources of strength.

One Client’s Story–Finding Connection

I worked with a client who was experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression. She was struggling with making new connections and was feeling taken advantage of in her friendships. Our relationships can have a tremendous impact, for good or ill, on our mental health.

We worked on setting boundaries and focused on defining clearly in her mind what a meaningful connection would look like.

This brave woman was able to set appropriate boundaries with existing friends and made new deeper relationships. She has since moved and has established new friendships and feels less anxiety and depression in her current life using the tools she learned while working with me.

Rachel Allen’s Professional Qualifications

I receive my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies, where I developed a passion for understanding the complexity of the human experience. This education opened the door for me to pursue my Master of Social Work degree, and I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

While working on my licensure, I also finished my training at the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. Because of my training, my 5-years of experience with sex and relational issues, I have developed a broad set of skills to treat many types of traumatic experiences and mental health struggles for individuals, couples, and families.

Bountiful Utah Therapist Rachel Allen
Rachel Allen at Healing Paths, Inc in Bountiful, Utah.

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