Healing Paths is a therapy clinic in Utah, which offers a full line-up of treatment options for people suffering from various mental health difficulties.

Addiction Treatment

We specialize in behavioral addictions like sexual addiction and treatment for compulsive use of pornography. We can also help people with ongoing outpatient drug counseling after they’ve finished the first two intensive recovery phases at a facility that provides that important service.

Treatment for Emotional Trauma

At the heart of most addictions is trauma. Because of this, we also specialize in the treatment of early childhood trauma and PTSD. Many of our clients also describe anxiety and depression symptoms, which we have a lot of experience treating.

Therapy for Adult and Family Relationships

Many of our patients are adults in married relationships or desire a committed relationship in the future. We often will work with many members of the same family, helping work through complex family problems. Romance, commitment, and family are often part of a functional life. We coach our clients through these relational challenges, helping them set and reach the goals they have in their relationships. This may involve couples and marriage counseling.

Group Counseling Options

We also often recommend to many of the people we work with to participate in group therapy. This type of treatment allows us as therapists to interact with our clients in a group setting, helping them develop essential communication skills, and receive vital feedback from others in recovery. We believe the group therapy process is an integral part of the recovery process for most people improving their emotional and mental health.

Healing Paths Works as a Team

In all of these settings, with all of these therapy options, our team of therapists is trained in a variety of treatment modalities. These are a special set of tools, giving each clinician knowledge they can use in the individual counseling setting and group environment. Every team member at Healing Paths has invested a lot of time to learn a unique perspective beyond his or her formal education.

We also spend a lot of time every week at Healing Paths teaching one another in our team meetings. We share our understanding with one another as mental health professionals. This is a process and commitment to ongoing training. It’s an exercise in communication as a team, which gives every client who works with our clinic the combined benefit of years of clinical experience.

When you work with one of our licensed therapists here in Utah, whether through in-person counseling or through online therapy, whether you’re participating in a traditional counseling session or one of our intensive workshops, you are actually receiving the integrated wisdom of our entire team.

Find Out What Treatment Option Is Best for You!

Treatment Offered at Healing Paths

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Growing in popularity here in Utah and throughout the world as one of the leading treatment methods for trauma and PTSD, there’s no doubt that EMDR has revolutionized how therapists think about how the mind and body can heal itself from traumatic events. At Healing Paths, we believe a relational approach makes all the difference. 

Lifespan Integration Therapy

This an innovative new therapy option for people struggling from PTSD and early childhood trauma. We help people create a visual narrative around a painful memory, which helps the the brain and body gently process traumatic events, healing in surprising and effective ways. 

Neurofeedback Therapy

Some people come into our clinic and their nervous system is really exhausted and we don’t want to start a therapeutic process that is too intense too soon. Neurofeedback is really useful in these cases. This helps us know how to start the emotional healing.

EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)

We offer several different modalities of therapy for couples looking for treatment. One of the most well known is EFT or emotionally focused therapy. Developed by Sue Johnson, it looks at the problems couples have as belong to a system rather than being blamed on one person. 

The Gottman Method

The other research-based methodology for understanding and treating couples in conflict is the Gottman Method, developed by real life married couple, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the media has publicized the fact that they can predict with great accuracy whether a couple is going to be together several years later. The Gottman’s call the signs of divorce, the Four Horsemen. What’s more important, however, and less publicized, is the research they’ve done to combat divorce–the antidote, which they call the Sound Relationship House.