Episode 191: Knowing Your Trauma Response

We all have experiences where a situation triggers a trauma response in us.  Something from the past feels as though it is happening again in our present. Our body responds, our thoughts and feelings follow, and we experience anxiety. What can we do to shorten the time we spend in this state of emotional pain? How can we work our way out of the past, back into the present, where we have options and resources?

TRANSCRIPT: Knowing Your Trauma Response

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. Today we’re going to be talking about knowing your trauma story inside and out. When I work with clients and we’re working on the trauma story and we’ve identified the bits and pieces of it and we’ve identified… I’ll usually ask them to bottom line it, or sometimes I’ll say hashtag that for me, so when that particular trauma story gets activated in one sentence, hashtag for me what the bottom line of that trauma story is, or what’s the belief that gets activated or the feelings that get activated when that trauma story gets pressed on?