Episode 189: Sabbath for Mental Health

The practice of Sabbath is typically thought of by most of us as a specifically religious practice designated for people who are members of particular denominations. But there are mental health advantages to consecrating a time each week for rest, renewal, and delight. Sabbath is more than the absence of work; it is not just a day off when we catch up on television or errands. It is the presence of something that arises when we consecrate a period of our time for listening to what is most deeply beautiful, nourishing, or true to us. It is a time to set our attention and our minds for honoring those quiet forces of grace or spirit that sustain and heal us. 

TRANSCRIPT: Sabbath for Mental Health

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. So today’s episode I’m going to get a little bit real and share some struggles I’ve been having as of late, and I also want to introduce you to a book I first read, I don’t know maybe five or six years ago was the first time that I read it, and just current circumstances have me circling back to that book.

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