Episode 169: Grieving, Loss, and Finding Hope

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In this episode of Thanks for Sharing, Jackie Pack talks about the difficulty of change and it’s connection to loss. During this time of physical distancing, there are many tough emotions people are trying to manage.

How can we embrace the time we are in and embrace the change we are facing?  

TRANSCRIPT: Grieving, Loss, and Finding Hope

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. Before we get going on today’s episode, I wanted to give a short announcement about an upcoming group that we are going to be starting at Healing Paths. I know many of my listeners are also listeners of the podcast Recovery with Amy Smith, and I’ve had Amy on the show a couple of times I believe as a guest, and I’ve also been on her podcast a few times as a guest and we’ve partnered on different projects and the intensives that we offer at One Layer Deeper is something that we partner on. So many of you may know or you may not know, Amy has been going through a process of education so that she can become a therapist, and she’s about halfway through her grad course work and is going to be starting an internship. So the second half of a grad program , you have to do an internship and complete so many hours, and she had asked me when she was starting school if it would be possible for her to do her internship hours with us over at Healing Paths, and of course I said yes because Amy’s pretty amazing. So she’s going to be starting May 4th working with Healing Paths, and one of the things that she wants to do and I want to do as well is to do an online psychoeducation group for women across the United States, possibly outside the United States if the time frame works, but at least for women across the United States who have been dealing with sex and love addiction and are looking for support and are looking for a psychoeducational group to further understand what’s going on in their life to help make sense and then to start to move recovery forward. So also that group will be starting the first part of May. As that time gets closer I’ll be announcing dates and times that we have set aside for that group, and I’m really excited. Now we’re going to be doing a beginning group, but I know that there’s a lot of female listeners out there who are more advanced in their sex and love addiction recovery, so we’re going to be doing a beginnings group for those who are at the beginning, but we’re also going to do a more advanced group for those who have gotten through the beginning process and are looking for something else. So we’re going to be doing two groups for female sex and love addicts across the country, so I hope that you’ll email me, join us, look for more announcements, look for the dates and the times as that gets closer.