Episode 168: How to Improve Decision Making

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In this episode, our host and Utah-area licensed therapist, Jackie Pack talks about the importance of developing decision-making skills.

Life is full of decisions to be made. Not many of us were taught how to make good choices. In this episode Jackie talks about science of decision-making and shares some ideas for improving our ability to make great choices.

TRANSCRIPT: How to Improve Decision Making

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. At the beginning of this episode, I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about how the nature of therapy is changing across the country because of the recent COVID-19 virus. Now it used to be that if you wanted to find someone that you could meet with in person near your home and where you lived, you could do a Google search and someone would pop up, and you’d give them a call and touch base and schedule an appointment. It might be a little more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it. Now this has always been a problem for more rural communities because they may not have the option of having a therapist located near them or they may not have a therapist located near them who specializes in what they might be seeking therapy for. Now with many therapists moving to online video platforms to provide therapy services for their clients, this opens up opportunities for everybody to find the right therapist wherever they live. At Healing Paths, we have made the move to online therapy services over the past two weeks we’ve been doing online sessions, and there are some differences, but what I find is people adjust pretty quickly. I’ve adjusted pretty quickly. Maybe the first week was kind of a learning curve to being on video instead of in person, but we’ve made the adjustment and most of my clients are able to pick up the work that they were doing when they were coming to my office and continue that in the online sessions. We also had some groups that were in progress when this virus started to hit the United States, and so we also had to move those groups onto an online platform, and that was a little bit more questionable for us. We weren’t sure how that would work when we have like 10 participants in a group, plus 2 therapists moving to an online platform, and the good news is we found the same effect. We found that maybe the first night we spent 5 minutes kind of saying how weird it was, people adjusting, but then they were able to drop into the issues that they were working on the group and support each other and connect with each other and the group work continued. So as we’ve been able to add additional services through the online platforms to what we offer at Healing Paths, we’re starting to talk as a staff and talk as a team also on online platforms because we’re not getting together, and we’re able to talk about maybe how we could more efficiently take advantage of these opportunities that this virus has given us in moving to online platforms and giving services to people who maybe do not live by where Healing Paths is located. So we’ve been talking about topics for groups that we would want to offer that clients can access in an online format. We’ve also begun to talk about offering psychoeducational groups that people throughout the country could access. In psychoeducational groups, we can offer those across state lines because they’re psychoeducational and they’re not therapeutic in nature. These groups can also be really effective for people and help them move through some of the issues in a more informed way than they had prior to that. So I’m going to include a link to the contact form on our website if you’re interested in maybe participating in one of these groups, and where we were located was an issue before but you’d like to participate in one of these groups, or if you’d like to be part of a group and you haven’t found kind of the group that you’re looking for, you can suggest that to us through this contact form. Let us know. Also be watching our Facebook page, which is Healing Paths Inc., and our website because we will be updating the services that we are adding from those two sites.