Episode 108: Developing Good Parenting Skills for 5 to 10-year-olds Using Healing & Recovery Tools

Developing good parenting skills is challenging and necessary for every parent. But what if one of the parent’s is recovering from addiction or trauma? Can you use the skills you develop in the recovery process with your therapist to improve your ability to teach your children to grow and develop in a healthy way.

When your kids get more word savvy, are willing to argue and debate with you, they’re clearly blossoming into their own person. With that comes fun opportunities to challenge them intellectually and help them develop important emotional skills.

But, if the whole family is recovering from the effects of active addiction and betrayal, this phase in childhood development comes with some unique challenges. 

We continue our series on healing and recovery in the larger family system in this episode, where we tackle the important skills good parents use to help children over 5, and how the recovery tools you may be learning can make you a better parent.

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