Episode 171: Anger Management

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In this series on emotion management, Jackie Pack talks about anger.  Often, the messages we’ve learned about anger are part of the problem and don’t help to manage this often scary feeling.  Anger is an emotion all of us experience, and it doesn’t work well to deny or suppress the feeling. So, what do we do with anger?  What is the purpose of it in our lives?

TRANSCRIPT: Anger Management

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. With the shelter-in-place policy continuing and many of us feeling the angst from this dragging on for weeks and not really having a realistic end in sight at this point, I hear from a lot of people that the emotions are starting to get to them. I thought it would be helpful to take the next two episodes and talk about emotions and how to manage them. In this episode, I’m going to focus on anger since it deserves an episode all on its own. I am concerned when I read the statistics on the increase in domestic violence during this time of quarantine. It’s something I think about on a regular basis, and I know that this would have been me when I was growing up. In the house I grew up in, there was domestic violence, and my dad wasn’t really home all that often. If we had had to have quarantined and he was home with us day in and day out, the frequency and intensity of violence would have increased for sure, and I feel for those who are experiencing this in addition to the uncertainty and anxiety already happening with the virus.