Episode 105: How to Help Family Heal from Damage Caused by Parent with Addiction

This episode is the first in a series where we will be looking at recovery an healing in a family system.  This episode focuses on what has happened in the family due to addiction and the resulting chaos and what is possible in healing those relationships in the future.  This series was inspired by one of our own listeners who wrote:

“Hi, your podcasts have been a tremendous help. Could you do some on how to ‘repair’ the attachment and trauma damage done to children by remorseful parents? My kids are still under 10 yo and both me and my spouse are in recovery and realized we had unknowingly inflicted attachment and traumatic damages during the kids 0-4 years of age. What can we do henceforth to “reverse/repair/reduce” those wounds and damage suffered by the kids? Thanks… really appreciate it.”

Stay tuned for more deep dives in future episodes!

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