Episode 152: How to Improve Sexual Health

How to Improve Sexual Health

In this final episode of our series on sexual health, Jackie and Rachel talk more specifically about how to to develop erotic intelligence. What does sexual health looks like and how one can work on developing sexual health for ourselves and our relationship?

TRANSCRIPT: How to Improve Sexual Health

Hi everyone, welcome to Thanks for Sharing. I’m your host, Jackie Pack. I’ve got on my episode today Rachel Allen, who as you know, she’s been on the last 4 episodes, and this is our last episode. We’re wrapping up this series that we’ve been doing on sexual health. I had a client talk to me this week about this series. He said that he’s been enjoying the series, but one of the things he was saying is we’ve talked a lot about what not to do. When are we going to get to the here’s how to do it differently or here’s what to do. So I told him it’s coming. We’re gonna get there. So this is that episode where we’re really going to wrap everything up that we’ve been talking about and really talk about going forward what do we do differently or what are the to-dos instead of the not-to-dos.