Episode 181: These Times Are a Changing

Young Man View Over The Clouds

Jackie Pack talks in this episode of her addiction and recovery podcast about the social issues rising up currently in the United States, which causes us to want to do something to help. If we can’t begin conversations, we certainly can’t fix the racial discrimination plaguing our country since its inception.

Change is a central issue in the therapy process. The principles that govern change in the individual relate to society as well. How do we initiate change in ourselves and our society at large? How do we sustain ongoing change? How do we act as a force for change in our communities?

TRANSCRIPT: These Times Are a Changing

Hey everyone. If you’re a licensed therapist and you listen to this podcast, this announcement is for you. I’m excited to announce that I will be starting August 1 a coaching group for therapists who are interested in further development of their clinical skills, their business skills, and balancing their persona life. This group will start August 1, 2020 and go through November 30, 2020. We’ll be having lots of discussion about different topics that we may face in the work that we do, how to handle things as a therapist, how to work with challenging clients, and how to help our clients make progress. Over the 26 years in my professional career, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to counsel new therapists or therapists who are finding their niche or changing direction or wanting to expand themselves in multiple ways professionally and personally. It’s one of the things I love to do, working with other professionals. I often get asked from therapists outside of my clinic and outside of my state how they can work with me, and here’s your chance. For more information, go to my Facebook page, Jackie Pack Coaching or email me at jackie@jackiepack.com. I’d love to work with you and have you be part of our professionals group.