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Episode 82: The Unbroken Brain with Maia Szalavitz

We are excited to have Maia Szalavitz on today to talk about her new book The Unbroken Brain. Maia Szalavitz is one of the premier American journalists covering addiction and drugs. She is co-author of Born for Love and The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog,...

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Episode 81: Stages of Relationships

Jackie and Jon examine the often confusing and arbitrary "relationship stages" we all expect to go through in every single one of our romantic relationships.  We will take a look at questions like: "Should I ever date friends?" "How do I learn to listen to...

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Episode 80: What is Authenticity?

Jackie and Jon follow up on a nugget from a previous episode where we mentioned that authenticity was not expressed in emotionally vomiting.  Today, we talk about what goes into living and expressing the self authentically.  We discuss if authenticity...

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Episode 79: Male Partners of Sex Addicts

We recently received an email from a listener who is a male partner of a female sex addict.  He rightly observed that there are some special challenges in healing in those circumstances. We are dedicating this epsiode today to examine why it can be extra...

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Episode 78: Dating in Recovery with Amy Smith

We welcome Amy Smith with Worth Recovery on again (You can hear her on Episode 58) to talk about our joint venture One Layer Deeper.  We are excited to announce these weekend intensives focused on taking your relationships in recovery one layer deeper. You...

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Episode 77: Talking with Mari Lee

We talk with our friend and returning guest Mari Lee about current affairs and why so much emotion is evoked around large issues like #metoo, politics, guns, and the like. Mari mentioned a blog post in this episode.  This is the...

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Episode 76: Don’t Shame Me!!!

In recent years, the world has been done a giant service by getting a deeper view of shame and how it affects us and our relationships.  Awareness on this is becoming more and more mainstream. Along with this awareness can come a tendency to paint with a...

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Episode 74: 3 Circles and the “Yes List”

Most people in recovery struggle to define all of the 'no's'- the things that they need to be aware of, stay away from or give up in order to maintain sanity and strong recovery.  In this episode, Jackie and Jon discuss the 3 Circles method for sexual...

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