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The podcast that explores recovery, healing, and relationships

Episode 70: “Little t’s” in the Family Tree

Jon and Jackie add another part to their series on family of origin and how we are shaped by the people we grow up with.  In this episode, we explore how the seemingly small things can add up to have a big impact- positively and negatively.  Listen to...

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Episode 69: When What Needed to Happen Didn’t

Jackie and Jon continue their series on Family of Origin by exploring what didn't happen- or neglect.  Neglect comes in all shapes and sizes, on an extreme end, it is very noticeable.  For many of us, it is less noticeable but still leaves painful scars. ...

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Episode 67: Money, Power, and Sex with Deb Kaplan

We sit down with Deb Kaplan, author of "For Love and Money: Exploring Sexual and Financial Betrayal in Relationships" and a leading expert in issues related to sex and money.  Few people can break down these big, difficult issues like Deb can to help...

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Episode 66: Sexism: Part 2

Jon and Jackie revisit their last solo show- where they started talking about sexism and each of our roles in continuing the conversation about it.  Jackie and Jon share personal stories and experiences that highlight how ingrained those ways of thinking...

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Episode 65: Catching up with Carver

We are excited to share with you our conversation with Carver Brown.  You will recognize Carver's name as we have referenced him multiple times in different episodes. We finally caught up with Carver for a meaningful conversation about recovery basics and...

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Episode 64: “Me Too” with Alex Katehakis

This topic has started a national conversation for people in all walks of life.  Jackie and Jon sit down with Alex Katehakis, founder of the Center for Healthy Sex in LA ( to talk about the months of allegations of sexual misconduct...

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