Identity Deck


Recovery from addiction often involves a phase where you have to get reaquainted with yourself. After a life of secrets and compartmentalization, basic knowledge about yourself needs to be discovered again. Having a firm identity is the groundwork for boundaries, healthy relationships, meaningful work, and a sense of welbeing. These 48 exercises will aid in getting to know your ins and outs.


This deck is designed to assist you in getting to know yourself.  Creativity in your use of these cards will help you to get the most benefit from using them.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Use these as prompts for journal entries or meditation.  Don’t accept one word answers from yourself.  Elaborate on the question, allow yourself to reflect and notice memories that accompany your answers.
  2. Use the deck as part of a daily check in with yourself or another person.  Report on what you are learning/realizing about yourself.
  3. Return to the same question after a period of time and compare your answers now to previously, notice if your wants, needs, likes, and desires change.  What is behind the shifts?

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