Grounding Deck


One of the best and worst things about recovery is that emotions come back. Often, those emotions are overwhelming. These 48 exercises help with some basic emotion regulation skills and are geared toward engaging the body and mind in soothing intense emotions. These can be used if you are new to emotion regulation or have been practicing for a while and wanting to expand your repertoire. These exercises can be used individually or with a support


This deck is designed to assist you in identifying and practicing grounding that works for you.  It is key that you practice grounding when you are not elevated or flooded as well as when you are experiencing a surge in emotion.  Take note of the level of discomfort or distress you feel before and after each skill practiced.  Many find it useful to use a 1-10 scale, 1 being no discomfort or distress, 10 being the most distress or discomfort ever experienced.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started in your practice:

  1. Pick a card each day and practice the skill in a variety of settings.  Take note of what you experience, what works, and what doesn’t work well.  Keep the cards with skills you are identifying with and set aside the ones that seem to flop for you.
  2. Carry a few cards that really work for you and rotate through them for grounding throughout the day.  Ground even when you are not elevated- practice is the key to effective grounding skills.
  3. Group the cards according to what you are asked to do (think about something, breathe, use one of your senses, movement, etc).  Practice the skills according to topic and take careful notes about what set of skills work in certain situations.  It is not uncommon for some skills to work wonderfully for one kind of disturbance and to fall short on others.
  4. With a support person, set aside some time for practice.  Each picks a card and teaches the other the grounding skill.  Some say the only way to understand or experience something fully is to explain it to another.

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