Depth Work Packet


A packet of worksheets designed to help therapists take their clients deeper into emotional and relational work.


For listeners of the Carol the Coach Show- use code CAROL2017 to get these for free!

This packet of worksheets is designed to support therapists in taking their clients into deeper emotional and relational work.  The digital download includes 4 worksheets:

  • “Adventure Work”
  • “Discovery Work”
  • “Legacy Work”
  • “The Story my Body Tells”

Purchasing and Downloading this content signifies the user’s agreement to these terms of use: Copyright Permission and Editing Support: As a support Jackie Pack, LCSW has given each clinician who purchases the documents copyright permission so that you may reproduce the forms to use with your clients. However, please note that the purchaser, agency, practice or any other person or entity does not own the materials. The documents are the intellectual property of JACKIE PACK, LCSW, CSAT-S who has given permission for other clinicians to purchase, use the materials with their clients, and brand as they like while keeping the logo of Jackie Pack as author and creator. Thus, the purchaser may not share, duplicate, take ownership of, or otherwise distribute or publicly present without the written permission of the author.


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