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Whether you readily identify anger related to addiction or not, it is likely there. Most people in recovery struggle with anger because of their early experiences with it or what their culture tells them about anger. A functional relationship with anger can transform your recovery and your relationships. These 49 exercieses are designed to help you understand your anger and to greet it with skill.


Anger is one of the most misunderstood, and therefore feared, emotions.  Functional experience with anger comes from two places 1)accurate awareness and knowledge of anger and 2) skills that help the feelings of anger to inform responsible action.

This deck addresses those two areas.  Cards labeled Skill Power contain direct, simple skills that can assist in utilizing anger in healthy ways.  The other cards help you to build your awareness and knowledge of anger.  Use both types often.

Some suggestions for using this deck:

  1. Select cards with skills you need to build.  Focus on one skill each day and record what you notice.
  2. Talk about these concepts with a sponsor, therapist, or support person.  If you are struggling to connect with one of the ideas of skills, ask for help.
  3. Keep a calendar tracking the most intense feelings of anger in a day (0-10).  Notice any changes over time as you use this deck.

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