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Episode 92: SMART Recovery

In this episode, Jackie talks with Susan and Bill about SMART Recovery. They talk about how SMART meetings work and the concepts and psychological tools taught in SMART. If the typical 12 step meetings aren’t your cup of tea, or if you’re looking to add...

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Episode 89: What Changes in Recovery for Couples?

The second part of our "what changes" series examines aspects of heterosexual relationships that get hit by the recovery bus.  For many couples, changes in power structures, emotional expression and sex are things to be feared and avoided.  Couples in...

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Episode 87: One Layer Deeper

We're recording this episode on location as we neared wrapping up our Dating in Recovery Intensive.  We wanted to give you a taste of what we're doing and a closer look at this Intensive series. If you are in the process of dating, or would like to start...

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Episode 86: Bypass with Craig Cashwell

We sit down today with Craig Cashwell, PhD. to talk about his research and practical application into the nature of spiritual bypass.  Dr. Cashwell looks at how we either move toward or away from emotionally or psychologically difficult spaces- the use of...

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