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The podcast that explores recovery, healing, and relationships

Episode 104: Prodependence with Rob Weiss

We are excited to have Dr. Rob Weiss back on the podcast!  Rob is talking about his groundbreaking research and new book identifying the problem with the way addiction treatment has traditionally approached partners and relationships. You can find out more...

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Episode 102: Effective Apologies

Every news cycle highlights something that someone wants an apology for.  The apology rarely happens, and when it does, it is often underwhelming and leaves much to be desired.  Jon and Jackie dissect a 2014 paper written by Stanford Psychologist Karina...

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Episode 101: Therapeutic Disclosure with Hope Ray

Disclosure is a process that helps bring a culture of honesty to a relationship.  It's also a place where many are tempted to take shortcuts.  Jackie and Jon talk with Hope Ray, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in Michigan.  Hope is a specialist in...

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Episode 100: Catching Up

We're celebrating 100 episodes, two years of Thanks for Sharing!  Jon and Jackie update their life stories with the last two years of change, growth, and challenges.

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