Thanks for Sharing

The podcast that explores recovery, healing, and relationships

Episode 100: Catching Up

We're celebrating 100 episodes, two years of Thanks for Sharing!  Jon and Jackie update their life stories with the last two years of change, growth, and challenges.

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Episode 98: Critical Thinking Skills

Jackie and Jon take a look at Critical Thinking through a relationship lens.  How do you engage the intuitive parts of your brain with the parts that are really good at analyzing and dissecting information?  Listen to find out!

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Episode 96: There is no Silver Bullet

Jon and Jackie explore the 'Silver Bullet' myth as it relates to healing and recovery.  This might be a bit of a downer if you are putting a lot of time and energy into finding the one right solution to your problems- spoiler alert- it's most often not...

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Episode 92: SMART Recovery

In this episode, Jackie talks with Susan and Bill about SMART Recovery. They talk about how SMART meetings work and the concepts and psychological tools taught in SMART. If the typical 12 step meetings aren’t your cup of tea, or if you’re looking to add...

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