Arch Wright

Over thirty years ago, as a young man- who still on any given day thought he had the world by the tail- I knew inside that I was losing control of my life quickly and that I needed help. Fortunately, I found it in the form of recovery fellowships and expert therapy, and have ever since lived a life that has exceeded my wildest dreams and continues to deliver meaning, happiness and a growing sense of purpose. In 2012, I decided to leave a long career in corporate and small business finance and leverage my life experience in recovery as a father, spouse and professional to help others find a solution that works.

I’m grateful to have been given the ability to relate to most anyone’s unique form of struggle, to identify with what it feels like at just about any age to be stuck in life, whether aching with relationship problems, disoriented in career trajectory or just plain down and out. I have a debt of gratitude to repay, to those who’ve helped me along my way and I love to hold a safe space for others to explore and grow.

I live in Park City, Utah with my wife and enjoy connecting with friends, reading, listening to music, eating well, riding my mountain bike, skiing in the backcountry, and “trying” to keep in touch with my college-aged kids.

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Arch Wright

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