Sex Addiction Help in Utah

Suffering is Optional – Recover Your Hope


Best Sex Addiction Help in Utah

When you find yourself trapped in sexual cycles where you end up feeling deep emptiness, sadness and shame…

When you can’t stop

  • paying for sex
  • engaging in high risk sexual behavior with high risk people
  • cybersex
  • cheating on your partner
  • moving from one relationship to another

You don’t have to keep suffering alone.  Qualified help is a call away.

You may be the only one who knows how deeply unhappy you are – and you don’t know how to change that.

Each therapist at Healing Paths, Inc. has been trained by the leading experts in the field of Sexual Addiction and utilizes the methods that work to help you to heal from sexually compulsive behavior.  Our program is a unique blend of tools to help you get and stay sober, a focus on building and repairing supportive relationships, and getting at the root of the problem- not just addressing symptoms.

We will help you to understand and feel more in control of your sexual behavior. You will learn how to reclaim your sexuality and how to enjoy hot and healthy sex with people you care about.

Help is just around the corner. Contact us to talk with one of our Expert Therapists.

Healing Paths is designed to be a comprehensive treatment option for sex addicts and their spouses. We have over 40 years of combined experience working with addiction.

- 43 year old woman, 18 months sober.
“I have no secrets. In my 43 years of life, I can’t say that I have ever been able to say that till now. It has been worth all that it took to get here, I wouldn’t trade my peace of mind for anything.”
-Adult woman 8 months sober
“Now when I am having a bad day, looking at porn doesn’t even cross my mind. I know so many better ways of dealing with stress, I couldn’t have imagined I’d ever be here.”
-Adult man, 5 months with no pornography
“I couldn’t even imagine going through a day without thinking about sex all the time. I am feeling now that my mind can go to so many other things instead of just being trapped in pornography. It feels good to be living a real life.”
- Adult man, 20 days with no pornography
“I didn’t realize how automatically turned people into a sex objects till I stopped using porn.”

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