Episode 121: In the Zone

In this episode Jackie discusses the pitfalls of overusing our strengths or underusing our strengths. How do we find the zone in which our strengths are actually strengths for us?

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Episode 120: Values in Action

Do you Know what your personal character strengths are? Can you identify how they have shown up in your life during a challenging times and not so challenging times? How can you connect with your signature strengths on a regular basis to live in...

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Episode 119: Young and in Recovery

One of our listeners wrote in and asked us to address the experiences of young people in recovery. Being a good 20 years younger than the people we are in the rooms with can be unsettling. This episode kicks off an ongoing exploration we are going to...

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Episode 118: What do the data say?

Why do things like journaling, charting, and keeping records come up as suggestions for behavior change so much? Because they make us use a different part of our brains- when it comes to change (recovery, healing, insert-your-favorite-term-here) the more...

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Episode 117: Little t traumas

In this episode, Jackie talks about little t traumas that often get missed or minimized in recovery and trauma work. As children growing up in dysfunctional homes we learn to not feel, not trust and not talk. These rules may help us live in our...

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