Kamrin Carver

There are many stigmas out there about what it means to see a therapist. It’s easy to believe the misconceptions our culture exposes us to about the kind of people who ‘need’ therapy. We may believe our situation isn’t ‘that bad’, or that ‘only crazy people need something like that’. The truth is, consistent exposure to our own therapeutic process ensures that we avoid getting to the point where we do ‘need’ it. Such a commitment not only strengthens us, but also our relationships to our spouses, our families and those within our immediate environment.

The therapeutic relationship is one of the most uniquely transformational connections we can foster as human beings. Truly understanding ourselves from within this dynamic opens us to an experience of ourselves we may never have any other way. The healing power of validation combined with the intrinsic elements of compassion and vulnerability expose us to our shared humanity. This then, allows us to accept and to love ourselves, sometimes for the very first time.

Once we have moved past our traumas, our pain and our shame, we are then free to be ourselves…authentic, powerful and free.

I too have traveled through my own ‘dark night of the soul’. I know what it’s like to feel consumed by the weight of expectation and the pressure of perfectionism. It is for this reason that I have dedicated my life to not only rescuing myself, but to reach out to those around me by offering another way. I don’t simply train in and utilize EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy or the Gottman Sound Relationship House because I’ve read about it, or seen the statistics. I practice and implement these interventions because I’ve used them first with myself and have been witness to their transformational effects. I never prescribe a path I haven’t first navigated and proven; nor would I expect anyone to take my word for it. My study of Marriage and Family Therapy and behavioral addictions have lead me to a beautiful refuge where those who are ready can finally embrace a life of peace.

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